An Artist's Review of an Artist's best tools.

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Take Pictures Like the Pro’s!

I have been dabbling in photography for quite some time. After spending a LOT of time and money trying to get the pictures right and make them look – let’s face it, not horrible, I came to some conclusions.

  • Camera Cost does not matter THAT much.


By this I mean, sure, you cant buy a disposable Kodak and expect to take a stunning photograph, but you can get away with a mid tier camera which should range you in the lower $100’s rather than a super expensive $1,000 + Camera. I don’t know about you, but art is FUN and is a hobby. Taking pictures is fun, and is a hobby. Photography is a hobby. Like you, I have many hobbies. I like to paint, drawn, sing, dance horribly – you catch my drift. Us artistic folks juggle $20 set’s of color pencils and $10 for a tube of oil based paint. It ADDS UP! A simple yet decent Camera can do an amazing job if you know how to use it.

  • Software is an easy, and time consuming way out.


I LOVE Photoshop. I like to graphic design. It is a unique art form but for me, is not as artistically liberating as other avenues. For you, it may be your cup of tea. Taking a picture, unless you are an expert at Photoshop, is hard to ‘fix’ with a computer. Trust me, I tried. Many hours wasted trying to change filers and angles to no avail. If is a LOT easier to learn, with your moderately priced camera, how to get the ball rolling by playing with angles, good ol’ fashioned camera lenses and to master lighting and shadows. I for one know that to paint well, you need a lot of natural lighting to make it work well. Taking a picture is often the same way. Learning to manipulate the natural elements has been far more important than learning the latest Photoshop trick.

  • Learn from someone better than you.


Is this hypocritical? I love as much as the next guy or gal to get my hands dirty and learn on my own. But I had to learn a brush stroke from someone, right? Well, after a while I got good at taking pictures, but I never made them ‘POP’ on my own. I had friends doing amazing work using Photoshop, but I wanted to take things to the next level and I found a nifty product.

This is an online book which is inexpensive and taught me the in’s and out’s of ‘trick’ photography. I really enjoyed a couple things about the course.

First, it has a LOT of video. I learn by seeing, not reading. Seeing some of the concepts in action made a WORLD of difference. I went to my local bookstore and checked out a lot of Photography books. Some had basic information such as, ‘Take the Camera Cap off’ (Yes, some people evidently wonder why their photo’s are black) to the more useful ‘Take pictures in a well lit room’. Simply amazing most ‘books’ were horrible for a quick learner.

The book does not stop their, it is a nearly 300 page ebook teaching you how to take your Photography to the next level and make some really cool pictures but along with the videos, took my mediocre photos to something I was proud of. Click Here to learn more about this product.

I got a lot of advise from people, but even from ‘Photographers’ the advice was never as in depth, nor was it as complete. I was sick of going to a community college ‘Photography Class’ to be taught how to process the photos I take or even worse, how to operate a camera. YUCK! If you want a leg up, give it a try.

Over all, I give the product a solid 4 stars out of five. Could be better, not the best as it only covered a specific area of Photography, but what it did cover, it did amazingly.