Glass Wall Art and Finding the Right Decorative Piece for your Home

Glass Wall Art

Art creates great impact on lives, it has molded the lives of millions of people, and it brought comfort to some people, hope, freedom and love. Art helps people to express themselves uniquely and it brings out the best in every individual as they are free to show their creativity. It can be expressed in more ways than one as it is not only limited to a single method. Because of its influence in our society, we tend to find our surroundings empty or boring without it. So many people enjoy collecting artworks or even shop wall arts to decorate their homes.

Some type of wall arts

As stated above art comes in different styles and are designed using different methods. It can be a simple painting, be it an abstract, representational, historical, or just a simple portrait. It can also be a metal or glass wall art. But with the new generation of artists and new minds evolving, lots of new ideas have been introduced; still, nothing beats the old way of doing it. That is why choosing among all the plenty choices you have if you plan to decorate your place can be tricky. So first, you must consider if it is appropriate for your place, your wall art will not be so artistic anymore if it doesn’t compliment your place.


When you talk or hear about art what pops into your head is a drawing or a painting. This kind of wall art is what people commonly use to decorate their houses. As stated above paintings also come in different types, this will also reflect your taste and your interests as people see it in the walls of your home. The image is usually inside a frame to make it look more elegant. This is more convenient than the glass wall art or the metal wall art because it is easy to move and easy to carry. Its disadvantage is very hazardous to children as most frames have glasses to cover the painting. So it is also wise to be cautious.

Glass wall art

This type of wall art also is an amazing way to decorate your place to elegance. This is because the aura of the glass, its sparkle and shine makes it look beautiful. Glass wall art just like the paintings; come in different types depending on how the creator makes it or whatever comes out of their imaginations. The most common designs now are floral, aquatic, nature, aviary, or even abstract art.

With the elegance and beauty it brings to your home, glass wall art also has disadvantages. It can be hazardous especially when there are children around. It also makes it very hassle if you move in and out because it is heavy and very fragile. Glass wall art is suitable to people who live alone or with adults, but if otherwise children should be kept away from it. This type of wall art is more commonly seen in churches.


Metal wall art

Alongside glass wall art and paintings, is this also popular metal wall art. This type is commonly made by copper, steel, iron, or brass. It can also be made by a special metal depending on the creator himself. It also is a creative decoration for your home that you might consider. If you are not into bright colors or sparkly decors, you might want to try this type of wall art. Most metal wall art only has few shades of color and many of them are in dark colors which is good for a simple type of decorating.

One disadvantage of this wall art is it is also very heavy to carry and is a very much hassle if you want to move in or out or redecorate. This is also hazardous to children and even adults. So it is very much advised that having this around your home, one should be cautious. Just like the glass wall art, this is suitable without children at home or with proper supervision.

Other wall art types

Other types of wall arts are decorative walls where the walls seem to be embossed by a certain design, a very simple wallpaper paste in your wall for beautiful and inexpensive design, and what is very common today that most people do is just paint the walls itself. With these types, you need not to go to an exquisite and expensive art shop and worry about your children’s safety or yourself. All you need is a nice paint and some creative hands to do the designs. This is usually done in the rooms of the houses, modern apartments, restaurants, hotels, even schools and the long list goes on.

These are all great arts; it brings color to our eyes, stories in our hearts and even unimaginable ways to help us. Art can be taken so lightly by many yet it can also help a lot of people. When art is the topic decorations, drawings and paintings is what we can think of at first. Yes, these are the most common ways of art, but it is also a tool for therapy to people with psychological problems. Like many artists, these helps these types of people to express what they fail to speak, so art should not be taken so lightly. It is more than a decoration; it also signifies life, love, and passion.

All of the above mentioned are great ways of putting up decorations and beautifying your place, yet my opinion may not be reasonable to you or to others and yours to mine and others as well. But as stated above, lots of things should be considered first before choosing one; its suitability, price, advantages, disadvantages and most of all, safety.

But, I suggest that you should choose and decide from the heart. What you decide to decorate to your place reflects who you are and it creates impressions to other people, especially those who doesn’t know you well or who just met you. art does not only involve by what you see, it also involves what you think and feel.

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