The Beauty of Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

The Beauty of Hand Blown Glass Chandelier


.A chandelier hanging in the middle of a living room or on top of a dining table is definitely a focal point of beauty in any abode. They make the whole emotion of the house warm and inviting. It is very relaxing to the eye, and in one way or another, it typically talks about the characteristics of the people living inside the house. They make living more beautiful at the same time.


There are so many types of chandeliers, and there are also so many designs as well. The cost differ so much depending on the craftsmanship, design and materials that are used for the design, the size also is a big factor in costing the chandeliers.

 Choose a Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

A glass is a naturally occurring material that is relatively non corrosive and also a semi-opaque substance that is actually fused because of the heat of the volcanic eruptions or when struck by lightning. They are accidentally discovered during the 5000BC when one Phoenician merchant while on the beach feasting cannot find any type of stone to place the pots for cooking. Then, they just set them up with blocks that were carried by their ship as cargo. The blocks then melted because of the heat, it moved with sand and it turned into molten glass.


When you create glass, it typically involves the same ingredients, and that is heat, the sand and the soda ash as well.  It became very intriguing for men. Right now, the creation of glass has been so advanced already that it has become inexpensive already and some even already recycle it for use all over again because of over production.


One of the most beautiful pieces of chandelier is called the hand blown glass chandelier. This piece of art is perfectly handcrafted and in every piece of glass, it is actually hand blown. When you own one, it will definitely ensure that your place will never be the same again. It also reflects your personal taste, this even becomes a topic of admiration when your friends and family visit your place.


One characteristic that this hand blown glass chandelier has is because of its stunning sculptures as well as its bright and carefully placed lifting fixture. The chandelier creates a very subtle glow and gives a very warm ambiance wherever it is placed inside your home. The glasses also create a dramatic effect by emitting a fabulous and artistic shadows on the walls and the ceilings as well.


Types of hand blown glass chandelier


Because of the popularity of this hand blown glass chandelier, there are many light designers and manufacturers are now offering several types of it. Though some of these designs are rather expensive, they are still very popular as they are considered to be exclusive and finest pieces. Here are some of the large varieties of it.



  • Single Light Hand Blown Glass Pendant - This will always be an exquisite design that will always be a star of the house. This type of lights are most suitable in focusing lights on areas that are specific for work. They come in different types as well, there are many shapes and designs, the shades are also framed and can perfectly match the ceiling canopy, these are even mostly finished in nickel. You can also adjust the height of the artistic piece in order to adjust the length of the height of the chandelier.




  • Multi lighted Hand Blown Glass Pendant Chandelier – These are nickel finished frames that contain several pendants and lights, this can also definitely match the ceiling canopy. These are simple lights that are relatively perfect in shedding light over your dining space. These also have very deep and rich colors, it also has a customized look and feel.




  • Hand Blown Glass wall Sconce – This come in different colors and shapes as well. the frame is then finished in cone and can also perfectly match a wall sconce. The matte look refines the artistic end product as well. This provides refraction or a slight bending of the wave path of the lights emitted, that would relatively reflect off an immobile object and then it would bounce into several routes that would give life to the object. This has a single light, a double or even triple lighting as well.



Considering Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers As a Gift


When it comes to gifts any homeowner would definitely appreciate a present that will give a perfect focal point in the house. Even the royalties give amazing gifts as a custom, and one of the most popular gifts given are actually chandeliers. The royalties also often give designated custom decorative glass pieces for special occasions. Even today, cut crystals are still in its peak. It could be glass gifts that can be cut into crystal pieces or even the hand blown items as well.


Glass Collections and more


Some people collect glass arts as part of their lives, some people even collect classic glass collectibles which can also be exciting. These are classic pieces that are uniquely found all over the world, that grew together with time. These pieces are hilariously expensive depending on its history and origin, even the size and the beauty matters as well. Quality is pretty much dependent on the craftsmanship, but artistic classics are relatively strong and have already survived, that is why it has become priceless for some.


Some people collect these not the only classic ones but the most exquisite as well. Meaning, there are people who just are always in awe of glass cuts and hand blown glasses because of its lighting effects. That is why they collect these pieces at puts this in their home.


One of the best glass makers when it comes to artistic creations are the Czech glass artists. Their work started in the year 1940 with Emanuel Beranek who actually makes glass in its most primitive conditions, unlike during those times when the makers are manufacturing glass through generator gas furnaces.


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