A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Oil Paintings for Sale

A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Oil Paintings for Sale

Even though there are some people who will prefer digital art nowadays, there are still some that will value and consider the art of oil paintings. The oil paintings are being created by many artists out there and are currently being sold all over the world, some could be cheap but most are expensive. Many people will surely think that oil paintings could be one of the most impressive art pieces in the world right now and they are purchasing this as a sort of decorations in their homes.

There are different images that most of the painters creates out of their canvasses and it was actually believed that the first oil painting has been made during 5th to 10th century in Afghanistan. Since then, there is already a lot of people who have become interested in the beauty of it and become popular as it passes on the West culture. Because there are different advantages that you would be able to enjoy from oil paintings, it become a common choice of many consumers.

Discover the world of Oil Paintings for Sale

However, if you are someone who are looking for oil paintings for sale, it will be more ideal for you to be guided in the purchase you are going to make. In this guide, you can get started on that. Feel free to read more information below.

How to Know If it is made with Oil?

Even before you buy oil paintings for sale, it is important for you to determine if it is really done with oil. There are different kinds of paintings that are available in the market and you have to be assured on what you will purchase. When making oil paintings, most of the artists will make use of the pigments that could dry up with oil like the safflower and linseed. It is very hard to identify the different type of paint that has been used once it dries.

The oil and acrylic are the most common that could be really hard to identify and you need to be careful in the one you are planning to purchase. When you are checking a painting, there are only some simple things that you have to look for which are the following below:

  • Cracking – most of the oil paintings will come with number of cracks throughout the whole piece of it, especially as it becomes older. On the other hand, the acrylic ones will not cracks as time passes by and looks more rubbery in texture.
  • Texture – the main texture of the painting could greatly help you in the painting you will buy. This could be one of the first things you have to check because the acrylic paints would be able to make smoother strokes and almost glossy while the oil comes with better texture.
  • Canvas – it is very common for oil paintings to use untreated canvas. If the canvas is primed, you can expect that it could affect the lines and texture of an art made with oil so many artist will simply avoid this to create smoother paintings.
  • Smell – it is no secret that the acrylic  paint could not have any smell that you can quickly recognize but it may actually took a number of years before an oil painting loses its odor.

Different Things to Consider in Buying Oil Paintings

To be more assured on the oil paintings for sale that you are planning to purchase, it is very important for you to do more researches before anything else. The internet could be wide source of information and you can make use of this in searching the name of the artist to have a better overview on the value of the oil painting especially as you check the professional feedback of other consumers.

If the artist is receiving a number of good feedbacks on the internet, then that could be a good sign that the value of their oil paintings are great and you have to be prepared on the investment you will have. But, aside from doing researches, there are some other things that you have to consider which could greatly help you in buying the right oil paintings for sale on the market.

Some of the things you need to consider are the following below:

  • Theme – it is very important for the buyers to check the theme of the oil paintings for sale they are planning to purchase. This could help you to be assured that it could complement the decors and style that you are trying to achieve in your room. One example is that, the vintage theme would not be suitable to be used in girl’s room with many Hello Kitty stuffs. You can look for flowers that could be a perfect fit for the color of the room.
  • Lighting – if the painting comes with bright colors, it could be perfect with the rooms that comes with natural lightings. But, if the painting used dark and mute colors, it could need artificial lighting to get better attention on the room.
  • The Color of the Wall –the painting that have some earth tones would be able to complement the walls with natural colors like brown and green. When you have light or white colored wall, the oil paintings that have bright and pastel colors could easily stand out from it.
  • Frame – the frame of the painting is part of it. There are rooms that comes with modern styles that could be better with frameless or contemporary frames. So, it will be more ideal for you to do researches on the kind of frame that would complement the painting as well as the walls of your room.

Buying oil paintings could be a good choice to consider in the house especially that it could add up some great decorations and vibes in the house. If the painting could complement the style you are making, then that could be a better investment that you will surely enjoy. You can go and shop for the best oil painting for you!

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