How to Distinguish Modern Paintings

How to Distinguish Modern Paintings

Art is one form of expression that continues to amaze humans. It is created with so much passion or emotions. Many people create paintings to express what they think and feel inside.

Paintings have different types though. One of the most famous is the modern art paintings. These can be seen in museums or art galleries in many countries. In fact, almost every country takes pride of their own modern paintings.

The Difference Between Modern Paintings and Contemporary Art

Before going further to modern art paintings, we have to distinguish its difference with contemporary art. The latter composed of art pieces that have just been created recently. These paintings could show images from the past as well, but this could just extend way back to the World War II period.

Modern Art, on the other hand, started to emerge in the late 19th century. This could be estimated to be at 1855 or years before it. Modern art was fully developed by the realists, romantics, and impressionists. It was also developed during the Age of Enlightenment.

Vincent Van Gogh – The Trailblazer of Modern Art

If there is one person in history that could be easily connected to modern art to distinguish it further from other art styles, it would definitely be none other than Vincent van Gogh. He was a Dutch post-impressionist painter, and his works of art included paintings of sunflowers, wheat fields, portraits, landscapes, and many others.

Along with Pablo Picasso, van Gogh’s paintings were some of the most expensive in the world. Some of these paintings were sold for a hundred million dollars (if valued currently). These paintings included Portrait of Joseph Roulin, Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, and A Wheatfield with Cypresses.

Famous Modern Art Paintings

Most people still use modern and contemporary art terms interchangeably, and there is nothing so alarming with it. Paintings, as well as art, have gathered influences from different periods so they become unified in some ways. Seeing different paintings also gives individuals an experience of travelling through time and seeing some similarities as well as differences in some areas. This helps people relate to the past as well as to other societies or cultures.

Here are the famous paintings that everyone may use as an inspiration when one wants to be a well-known painter in the future. These are mostly with impressionist styles.

  • Plum Trees in Blossom by Claude Monet
  • Before the Performance by Edgar Degas
  • Le Pont de L’Europe by Camille Pissaro
  • The Cliff at Fecamp by Claude Monet
  • Still Life with Pears by Paul Cezanne

Meanwhile, the titles of paintings below showcase the Romanticism era of painting.

  • Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich
  • The Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault
  • The Slave Ship by JMW Turner
  • The Third of May by Francisco Goya
  • Mary Magdalene Grieving over the Body of Christ by Arnold Bocklin


Modern Paintings as Decorations in Houses

In these recent times, paintings are mainly used as decorations in houses, especially in living rooms. Modern living room art designs are incorporated in interior decorations of a house or apartment. Living room paintings become a necessity for modern houses and they usually serve as reflections of the house owner’s characteristics or tastes.

Living room paintings also add elegance and glamour. For individuals who love minimalist designs, they could do well in just having neutral coloured furniture. They can then add some drama or colour into their space by adding a modern painting.

Here are different types of living room paintings to choose from. They can be bought online or in some art galleries in shopping malls or stores. Some are created as solo frames only, while the most modern ones are created with different panels or pieces. These panels of paintings are shaped either equally when they are in two pieces, or they are shaped unequally when they are made or three or more pieces.

  • Morning Luster

This has a scenery of the sunrise peeking though some colourful background of trees. The shades of orange, red, brown, and light green are mostly shown in the painting so it could really brighten a living room or a bedroom.

  • Forest of Beach Trees

This painting has some long trees standing on a spring-like season. it has some green leaves on some branches, but the long trunks of trees are surrounded by light orange hues of leaves. The painting carries techniques of showing different sides of an image.

  • A Sense of Space

This is a great frame to add in a living room, especially one with a small space. It shows an image of a tree on the side, and a relaxing view of land on the most part of it. The leaves are coloured orange, and a few of them fall gracefully into the sand.

  • Golden Forest Abstract Painting

This is made of three pieces that blend with each other perfectly. It doesn’t have a frame so it could easily connect to each other. It shows a very beautiful view of a park surrounded by trees. It also shows a path that implies one to move forward and discover the beauty of life.

  • Four Piece Green Canvas Decorative Oil Paintings

For a relaxing view, four pieces of oil paintings are created to form a canvas of a beautiful white flower with a green background. The four pieces of paintings are of different sizes to showcase an element of modernization and beauty.

  • No Frame Living Room Wall Paint Art Deco

This is an ecstatic view that could be placed in a dining area. It shows an artwork of a cup of coffee with some coffee beans spread on the outside and a heart-shaped tree on the middle of them. This comprises of two panels to show partnership and equality. The shape of the panels is rectangular.

  • Three Piece Modern Abstract Living Room Wall Art

This abstract painting comprises of three panels. The abstract is made of earth tones, so the painting easily blends with white, gray, or cream wall backgrounds.

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