The Popularity of African Paintings

The Popularity of African Paintings

Paintings have been a part of lives of many societies, especially African Paintings. They are works of art filled with different emotions such as passion, wonder, admiration, comfort, and protection.

What types of paintings are most popular in these recent times? African-influenced paintings are considered as one of the most popular. They have a lot of meanings to owners. They create certain themes in homes that are not common or usual. The most popular African Paintings express an entire culture waiting to be explored.

Here are the things that most African-influenced paintings express.

  • Individuality

Many people who own these types of paintings express individuality in their personality. They prefer to be unique or different from others. They have their own style as well as ideas. They believe in having distinctiveness or individuality as very important in a crowd to stand out.

  • Creativity

Paintings with African themes are not quite easy to imagine, but painters exactly know how to use their imaginations to show African themes in the most artistic and creative way possible. This could be in the form of colours or structures that are expertly executed to produce a powerful work of art.

  • Luxury

A lot of expensive homes and apartments own African-influenced paintings. They always indicate luxury or lavishness. When combined with other pieces such as zebra-style rug or African sculptures, a home will definitely have one of the most sophisticated and luxurious appearances.

Pablo Picasso’s African-Influenced Paintings

African art started hundreds of years ago. Its influence had spread in Europe and other continents as countries such as France had its empire discovering other territories or continents. With this part of history, Pablo Picasso became one of the instruments in developing African art through paintings.

Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous and influential painters and artists in history. He left a legacy that could not be surpassed by any other artist in terms of numbers of paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.

Some of his paintings had African influence. This was in early twentieth century or the time when the French empire was extending its power into the Sub-Saharan Africa. Picasso was inspired with African art in a museum, and so he created the famous Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Other popular African art paintings he had made include Mother and Child, Nude with Raised Arms, and Three Women.

These paintings had some cubist techniques, but they showcased a lot of emotions to people. With different colours and cubic shapes, the paintings made their mark in the world history until now.

Styles of Modern African Paintings

There are a lot of African-influenced paintings in these recent times. Some are sold online, while others are showcased in art galleries in different countries. These paintings are purchased mostly by individuals residing in high-rise buildings or flats. They are also placed on walls with high ceilings.

What are the different styles of modern African art and paintings? Here are the styles that are mostly captured and shown in African painting collections.

  • Abstract Art

African abstract paintings are in wide array in these modern times. They are a combination of different shapes and colours to form figures of humans or other characters such as masks, trees, etc. They are great to place at homes as well as in offices. Many huge buildings have African abstract paintings placed in lounge areas to add a touch of extraordinary glamour and beauty.

  • Colourful Works

When one hears of a modern African painting gallery, one has to expect lots of colours on them. Most of these paintings are richly toned. One can find striking colours of red, orange, and blue mixed with some dark linings. Others have earth tones but still appear very striking and attractive.

  • Human Images

Most paintings have dark-faced images but with colourful clothing. Some of the faces are designed with huge earrings. Most of the human images portrayed show a lot of women with their heads lifted up high to show pride and sophistication.

  • African Masks

An African art gallery cannot be complete without African masks paintings. These paintings demonstrate the colourful culture of Africa. Most of these masks paintings have either long or round structures. They are also integrated with cubist painting style.

Most Famous African-Art Paintings

Here are the best and most famous paintings that showcase African art at its finest. These paintings are created by famous artists from different parts of the world. All of these paintings have wonderful meanings that can only be understood by the human heart.

  • ‘Women’

This is an oil painting with traditional African style of art. The artist, Nicholas Nana Kowalski, created ‘Women’ to highlight the importance of connecting to others or building relationships no matter what their differences are.

  • ‘In Market’

This was created by Jeff Wambugu. It essentially shows a busy market street scene where some fruits are piled in a wooden cart. The scene is a slice of life that most people witness but sometimes forget to appreciate. With this painting, people get to realize simple things can also become special if they add meaning to them.

  • ‘Woman in Kitenge’

This painting is all about a woman who is in deep thought. It was created by Jimnah Kimani, the painter has shown tremendous creativeness in layering bright colours. The painting also showed a woman’s face with a soft or tender personality through her eyes.

  • ‘Healing of Abiku Children’

The traditions of an old civilization are shown in this painting. The painting has mostly earth tones or colours. It is believed to be influenced by Yoruba mythology as well. When one looks at it, there is a story that could be formed with it. This story could be about just healing or it could more of faith, trust, or confidence in humans and in the spirit.

  • ‘To Listen To Reason’

This was created by Mary Ogambo of Kenya. The painter is known for creating works of art that depict the beauty of women. In this painting, it shows a balance of hues of green, brown, and orange. These hues speak of calmness, stability, and vitality.

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