A Quick Guide in Making a Pencil Holder

A Quick Guide in Making Newspaper Pencil Holder

Newspapers are often being used for us to become updated on what’s happening, not just in our country but as well as around the world. But, after reading out all contents of the newspaper, there is a big chance that it will be a piece of trash in the house that you will not use anymore. If you haven’t know yet, there are so many things that you can do out of used newspapers and one of it is pencil holder.

When you have so many pencils in the house that you are not using anymore and you want it to keep it properly and safe, getting holders for it could be one of the best things that you should do. From the term itself, the pencil holder is being used to hold pencils for as many as it can. However, that will require you to spend more money and even have a hard time in deciding which to purchase on the market.

So, how about making your own newspaper holder? Well, you have read it right. You can really make a holder for your pencils with the use of newspaper and some common art materials that you surely have on your house. Sounds interesting right? Therefore, if you have some time to make one right now then make sure to read this article till the end to have a better idea on the things you have to do.

Prepare the Materials You Need for a Pencil Holder

To get started, you have to prepare the different materials that you will need. Just like what is mentioned earlier, there are only some simple materials that you have to prepare and most of it are already around and you will not have a hard time in looking for it anymore. There is a big chance that you will not even spend money for this. The different materials you have to prepare are the following below:

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Cardboard

Step # 1: Making Newspaper Strips

You have to get the newspaper pages that you prepared earlier. You should tear it out in 4 long strips. It will be ideal if it should be around 2.7 inches or 7cm in wide. The number of strips that you have to do will depends on your decision but if you want to follow this instruction better, then you have to prepare at least 55 strips. Make sure that it is in the right length to avoid having problems later on.

Step # 2: Folding the Newspaper Strips

Once you have prepared the newspaper strips, it is now the right time for you to fold each of it in the middle. This should be done for 3 times until you were left with thinner strips of newspapers. You have to do this for all the 55 strips you have made earlier.

Step # 3: Glue the Strips

You should put glue on a side and start rolling the strips. You can add as much as strips you want until you have come up with the exact size that you prefer to make. For the bottom, you can go and make about 1.9 inches or 5 cm. That is very ideal to handle a number of pencils already.

Step # 4: Get the Cardboard and Cut

You should get the cardboard that you have and cut it. You have to consider the size of the bottom you have done earlier and cut the cardboard on the same size of it. Make sure that it will not be too big or too small because that could cause some problems about the size of your pencil holder later on.

Step # 5: Glue the Bottom

The next thing that you have to do is to start gluing the bottom to the first roll. That should already help you to prepare the main support of the holder that you are making.

Step # 6: Start Making the Body

For the body, you have to add the glue on the site and the roll of the strips. You can do this while you are using a marker or a pen which could depend on the possible size of the hole that you would like to have. Or, if you want, you can have different sizes which could add up some good designs and style on your holder.

Step # 7: Make Many Rolls of Strips

You have to make a lot of rolls of strips depending on your preferences and needs. You can also consider the size of the holder that you want to create. You can go and make about 44 or even more strips that could be convenient for you.

Step # 8: Glue Gun Altogether

With the help of the glue gun, you have to start on the bottom until you have reached the top of it. You have to start gluing the circles made of newspaper you have doing and you can add a number of rows you want as long as you still have some circles to use for it. Well, you can always create more circles if you have more newspaper with.

Step # 9: Add Colors, Designs and Others (Optional)

If you have some paints in the house that you are not using anymore then you may consider using it to add colors in the holder that you are making. You are free to add up whatever design you want to have for it as you are the one who is going to use. There are some people who will also make a lot of it and sell it to their friends which could also be a good idea for you to consider.

In the end, after making your holder, you can now start cleaning up all the pencils that are scattered in the whole house and keep it there. You do not need to worry anymore when you are in need of pencils because you already know where you are going to get it.

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