Starting with a Pencil Bag

Start Crafting and Sewing: Starting with a Pencil Bag

In truth, students easily run out of things to do during summer break. When all the hype is gone and all the summer activities have been executed, there is nothing left to do.  When they run out of things to do, all they do is just sit around and wait for the days to go by so they could go back to school.

Of course, there are some kids who have gone to summer camps and summer classes instead. At least, they are enhancing their skills and learning even during school break. There are a lot of hobbies a student can unlock during summer break time. There are always a lot of new things to be learned. Learning never really stops, it is an ongoing process and it happens every single day of an individual’s life.

Selecting one of many Pencil Bags

Anyway, there are a lot of things a kid can try doing. There are arts and crafts tutorials over the internet for those who are interested. Crafting can really be addictive once you have started on a project and you just keep going and going until you get tired of doing the same thing over and over. Once you move on, you find another project you could try doing until you are completely hooked again. It is an addictive process that people should try once in a while.

Crafting is a really great hobby. It helps you unlock and improve your creativity. Not only that, once you have created products and trinkets, these crafting products can be sold. You could use your crafting skills to create a small business and earn while on break. Plus, crafting products are really considered to be special because they are handmade and it really takes some time to finish a project.

For kids who are going back to school, there are a lot of projects you could do. These projects are, of course, hand crafted and handmade things you could use in school. Like re-vamped clothes perhaps, or book bags, sling bags or even pencil bags. There are so many things you could try. You would benefit from it. Not only are you allowed to say you made it yourself, once a friend or classmate of yours sees it, you could create your own small business.

Start Crafting

There are so many projects you could try, but let’s start with something small and simple, like a pencil bag or pencil case. Since it is crafting for kids, this is a perfect project because you get to use it at school to hold or your pens and stuff. This case can also serve as an organizer because it keeps all your pens and markers in a single pouch. Of course, crafting a pencil bag has a lot of factors in it. Not only are you learning how to create one, you are learning how to sew and design in the working process.

There are a lot of projects you could view on the internet since there are a lot of people who are nice enough to post their projects, complete with a material list and some instructions. I have taken the liberty of scanning through the internet and looking for the simplest project I could find. Now, let’s get started shall we?

Materials You Would Need:

  • Fabric 1: Piece of fabric with dimensions of 7″ x 1 3/4″
  • Fabric 2: Piece of fabric with dimensions of 7″ x 2″
  • Fabric 3: Piece of fabric with dimensions of 7″ x 2 1/4″
  • Fabric 4: Piece of fabric with dimensions of 7″ x 7 ¼ for the lining
  • Piece of linen with measurements of about 7″ x 2 3/4″
  • Piece of flannel with measurements of about 7″ x 7 1/4″
  • A strip of zipper measuring about 7”
  • A strand of ribbon about 3”
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins


  • For the case’s exterior, sew the linen to fabrics 1-3. The seams should be pressed open. On both side of each seam, topstitch about 1/8”
  • On top of the flannel strip, position the lining. Pin all layers together and sew them through the layers. (Approximately ½” apart)
  • Place you lining face up on your work space. Position the zipper that it faces up and is aligned with the lining’s long edge. Put all your layers together, facing the right side, and facing down. Pin all things in place, then stich all layers together.
  • Now, align all the edges of your patchwork. This would be the case’s exterior. At this stage, simply keep the other layers together with a pin to avoid any sewing mistakes. Then, take any extra-long edges and fold it under the zipper. Now, sew in place.
  • Open up the zipper and turn the case inside out, making the lining appear on the outside. Position the zipper that it stays on the center of each side. Now, position the strand of ribbon in the middle of the pouch.  Then, sew along each side. DO a zigzag stitch to lock and secure everything. Trim any excess. Now, turn the pouch inside out again and voila, your very own pencil bag!

Make sure that you have read the instructions carefully and understood them to avoid any mistakes and accidents when it comes to sewing. If you haven’t understood it, you could always use the internet to look for simpler projects for yourself. As stated earlier, there are hundreds of projects you could try.

When it comes to choosing your fabric, choose one that is perfect for you and is fairly satisfying because it would be created into your own pouch. Also, when it comes to sewing, make sure that you sew safely and that you lock all the ends to avoid the pouch from unravelling. Watch your fingers when you sew, we don’t want any injuries to happen of course. Also, remember to remove all the pins you have used to secure your fabric layers. We don’t want anyone getting pricked with pins and needles.

Anyway, this are just some basic advice. There are more for you to discover and to try. Start crafting and who knows, your work might end up at a local shop or something.

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