Types and Features of Cool Mechanical Pencils

Types and Features of Cool Mechanical Pencils

There are plenty of artists from all over the world. They differ with the materials or medium they use in making their work of art. Some would apply their creativity in carving woods, while other will make use of colors extracted from plants. If you will try to look around you, we are indeed surrounded by various masterpieces that can add up to the beauty of the environment and inside our house. Though it can be easy for an artist to come up with an exquisite obra, not all people are gifted with such talent.

In this case, you don’t have to wonder why these pieces of art are sometimes sold in an expensive cost that only those people of the upper class can afford.

If you are good in drawing for sure you are also interested in using different kinds of pencils for your sketches. But when we say pencil this is not just about the usual wood pencil we know with graphite in the middle. With the influence of modernization, mechanical pencil was discovered.

The History of Cool Mechanical Pencil

If you will try to go back in time, you will find out that the first pencils are just like the mechanical pencils. Pieces of graphite are place in a holder so that people will not get dirty when holding the pencil. This provides them comfort when using the pencil for writing and drawing. They can finish their work with ease and with a clean result.

Mechanical pencils originated in Britain yet improvements were made in different parts of the world. But when it comes to the modern type of mechanical pencil where thin lead is use, Japan had presented the idea. These days we can now look for cool mechanical pencils in the malls or even shop online.

Identifying the Benefits of Using Mechanical Pencils

There are lots of people who prefer using mechanical pencils rather than the common type of pencils. And in order for you to understand why it is getting in demand, here are some of the benefits that you can get from using this type of pencil.

  • You don’t have to exert time and effort in sharpening the pencil.
  • You can maintain a consistent volume of the line that is needed for technical drawings.
  • It provides you comfort because it will not get shorter even with constant use. All you have to do is to refill the lead.
  • You can also save money because you don’t have the throw the pencil. You only need to buy lead that you will use for the pencil.
  • It is stylish compared to other pencils.
  • You can also consider it as a collection which is common to artists or anyone who loves drawing.

Indeed you have a lot of reasons why you should spend money buying mechanical pencils. You sill surely not regret having it because it is something that you can use for a long time or you can even give to your kids. So if ever that you are searching for cool mechanical pencils you have to look for the following features.

Features that You Have to Check When Buying Mechanical Pencils

  • Size of the Lead- when deciding for the size of the lead it is important that you identify first where you will use the pencil. You can choose thick lead for your drawings and thin ones when writing.
  • Sleeve of the lead- when talking about the sleeve you can either have a fixed sleeve or a sliding one. There are also some people who wanted to go for a retractable tip so that even if they put the pencil into their pocket, it will not be broken or hurt their leg.
  • Indicator of Lead Grade- if you use different grades of lead, having an indicator in your mechanical pencil can be of a great advantage for you to know what is inside the pencil.
  • Grip- it is essential that you can be able to hold on your pencil with ease. It should not be that too big or too thin. It should not slip in your fingers otherwise you cannot control the lines you are making.
  • Clip- the clip makes it easier for you to carry your mechanical pencils wherever you go. You can just clip it into your shirt instead of putting it inside your pocket.
  • Lead advance- this is the part of the pencil that makes the lead come out. Some are located at the top while others are found on the side.
  • Erasers- not all mechanical pencils have eraser, yet it can be useful if you will go for a pencil that had one. This will keep you away from the hassles of looking for an eraser.

How to Purchase Cool Mechanical Pencils

There are indeed lots of mechanical pencils that you can buy. They differ with their features so you have to expect that they also differ with their price. So before you look for a mechanical pencil, it is best that you know your budget first in order to narrow down your choices. If you wanted a mechanical pencil that you can use for a long time then you can go for an expensive one. Besides, creating great works of art from that pencil will make you realize that it is worth your money. As long as the outcome is perfect then there is no reason for you not to have it.

Mechanical pencils are also available online so for your convenience, you can just place your order in a reputable store online and they will deliver the item to you. Mechanical pencils can be a perfect gift that you can give to a friend or to a loved one that you know has a talent in drawing. Whenever he will use the pencil for sure he will remember you. It doesn’t matter if you will give an expensive or a cheap mechanical pencil as long it comes from your heart.


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