Top 10 Vintage Wall Art Designs

Top 10 Vintage Wall Art Designs

Do you plan to renovate or redecorate your house anytime soon? Get things started without the need to spend a lot of money or time and effort. There are a lot of home renovation tips to choose from, and you could start with having a vintage wall art.

The most popular home improvement trend in these recent is all about vintage. Just like in the clothing fashion industry, a lot of people are transforming homes to have some vintage style or theme, and vintage-style homes are usually seen in their walls. Even many restaurants join the ride and design their place with vintage styles.

How to create vintage designs?

People tend to be creative and resourceful by getting some vintage or antique items from flea markets or bargain shops. Others make the most of old things that they haven’t been using for a long time and design them to make them look different and golden.

10 Best Vintage Wall Art Ideas

How to add some vintage touch in your own home? Create a wall art by selecting any from inspirations or ideas below.

  • Window on the World

To create a unique architectural design on a wall, hang some old windows. Use some mirror spray paint to add some finish to it. A white paint or some colorful ones on the sides can create a trick of a classic yet playful style. This will take just a few minutes of your time, and a lot of people will be amazed by how creative and resourceful you are with this wall project.

  • Dinner Destination

Do you feel that your dining area is boring? Put a huge vintage world map into the empty dining wall, and dining experiences will never be boring. It will even easily spark a conversation among family members about anything. It can also help people reminisce good times and motivate them to create new ones again. Vintage maps are very much easy to find and are affordable. For effortless home improvement or dining room remodeling ideas, this is the perfect choice.

  • Pretty Plates

There are a lot of antique plates that are being sold in flea markets. Take advantage of this a score a good deal. Mount these pretty plates on the wall of your living room creatively. The intricate details on the plates will add excitement and beauty into your house. These pretty plates will showcase your resourcefulness and creativity as you take advantage of every beautiful item to make your house unique and inspiring.


  • Frame It Up

Not quite good enough with mixing colors and decors? Opt for frames with different shapes and designs instead. These can be bought cheaply in second-hand shops and flea markets as well. Paint all of these frames in one color, and white is the most recommended one so that you won’t have a hard mixing it up with your furniture and other house decors. Mount these frames into your living room, and use a flower vase or a colorful chair as the main accent to the room. This design will make your living room neat and wide.

  • Huge Jewelry Case

This is a highly fashionable and functional vintage wall art design to take advantage of, especially if you have a lot of jewelry pieces to display. Find an old printer’s tray and paint it so it could appear new and clean or polished. If you are not fond of jewelries, you may also use it for small decors or collectibles such as toy cars. Add some style into the printer’s tray by putting some wallpaper such as light green or light blue in some of the cubes. You could place them alternately, or you could place some on the edges only.

  • Hanging Cabinet Doors

Do you plan to throw your old cabinet? Do not do it yet. It may serve as clutter but you can disassemble its parts so you could use them again. The cabinet doors can be also used as a wall art design. It makes a wall unique and inspiring. Some paint will also help a lot in making it look stylish and classic or vintage. It will showcase your skill or talent in interior design since it is not usually found in a lot of houses.

  • Family Photos

Even with the widespread use of social networking sites for photo and video sharing and storage, many people are still enchanted with photo frames. There are a lot of cheap photo frames to avail of in online shops, and placing some beautiful photos with them will add so much life and beauty to them. You could hang them on the empty staircase wall or you could place it on your main living room wall as well.

  • Cross Stitch Wall Art

Do you have a family member who loves doing cross stitches? Advice him or her to display some of his or her works and frame them. These cross stitch frames are elegant and timeless. The cross stitch projects could be about quotes. They could also be a variety of flowers or animals. They are so much pleasing to see as they remind someone’s handiwork.

  • Beach Antiques

Do you love going to the beach every once in a while? Get a shadow box, use some vintage wall paper, and paste your small beach antiques such as shells, sea horses, and sea fans. With this design, you will an instant work of art that you can hang on your living room or bedroom. You may also place it in your bathroom. This design shows a very relaxing and reminiscing atmosphere.

  • Vintage Artwork Gallery

Create your own gallery at one corner of your living room by lining up some modern art paintings in shelves. Select a vintage chair to complement with your vintage gallery. You may also purchase an antique rotary dial telephone to add more drama into it. For sure, a lot of your friends will be amazed into it and would love to take pictures of themselves with your mini art gallery.

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