Top 10 Wooden Wall Art Designs

Top 10 Wooden Wall Art Designs

Would you like to get some great ideas on how to improve your house and make it unique and elegant? Endeavor in different wooden wall art projects that are available for anyone to try. These projects are very easy to make, and they mostly originated from recycled materials.

Transform some of the old wood in your area, spend less than one hundred fifty dollars, and place them in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, or bedroom. You could even sell some of your projects and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in income.

Learn about Wooden Wall Art

Here are awesome wooden wall art projects to choose from. Unleash your creativity, and paint your way to having a beautiful and elegant home with different materials.

  • Painted Wood Wall Art

This is a piece of wall art that requires lots of painting but little amount of money, effort, and time. The materials required in this project include one hundred pieces of wood with different sizes, at least seven paint colors, two pieces of medium density fiberboard, sandpaper, liquid nails, and table saw.

The project can be done by painting the wood strips into different colors. These wood strips are cut in different sizes. The colored wood strips are then placed in the fiberboard, and it’s done. It is a perfect decoration in a wall of a house.

  • Wood Wall Art Letter Sign

This is a vintage style of wall art. This is also very easy to make since it just requires an old rectangular wood. One can use black and white paint or other colors. Use a pattern to create a letter sign on the board. You may opt for any letter, or the initial letter of your family name. This could be mounted in your living room. It could also be hang in the wall of your patio or your kitchen. With this wood art letter, the house gives some vibe of playfulness and joy. Any household task becomes easier when one gets to see a simple but a child-like view.

  • Arbor Tree of Life Wall Art

If you want to have some intricate details on your wall, you could place an Arbor Tree of Life Wall Art. It is a work of art that shows some patterns of leaves and branches. The sight of it captivates a lot of nature lovers and other individuals as well. The tree is crafted on a square mango wood. This can be bought online, or it could be done by anyone with the use of some power tools such as a scroll saw and a table saw.

  • Wooden Wall Tiles

These are decorative wooden wall art designs. Some prefinished red oak wooden tiles could be purchased online. One could also customize wooden tiles and use fiberboard to place all of these tiles. The custom tiles could be shaped into cubes. They could also be shown as thin slices or piles of wood. Sandpaper and stain are needed to make the wooden wall tiles well-polished and perfect for living rooms or bathrooms.

  • Wooden Accent Wall

An accent wall is the focal point of many modern living rooms. Create a wooden accent wall by collecting different pieces of wood and placing in one wall of your house. This wooden accent wall could be left empty of any home décor as it delivers a strong message of balance of life and nature. It could be placed behind an LCD screen, or it can be placed on a narrow wall area on your small dining area. With this wooden accent wall, anyone will feel so refreshed and relaxed.

  • Wooden Screen Décor

This could be mounted in a wall, and it can be created in the form of three long panels. Creating a screen effect by carving the wood with tree-like figures or with any shape and painting it with earth colors make it look expensive and sophisticated. It is a do-it-yourself project that anyone can take pride of. The wooden screen décor can be placed in living rooms or bedrooms. It creates a very relaxing and inviting hotel atmosphere.

  • Moroccan Wood Wall Plaque

This requires some carving technique, but it definitely looks amazing and appealing once done. A scroll saw can be helpful when creating this one. Any thin piece of wood will do in accomplishing this project as well as some paint or some stain. The Moroccan Wood Wall Plaque serves like a reminder or a reward of your accomplishment in designing or remodeling your house.

  • Beach Cottage Driftwood Bundle Home Décor

Driftwood can be found anywhere. If your house is near the beach or any bodies of water, this is a great home décor. Create a beach cottage home décor by just collecting some driftwood. Put some signs or quotes into it about life or rules about living. This design will create a classic beach cottage or room. In your living room, it will invite you to enjoy life and nature at its different forms. It will also let other people realize that everything has a purpose on earth.

  • Abstract Moon Wood Sculpture

This is a magnificent and stunning wall decoration. It can be made from recycled wood slices. Utilize your inclination to celestial bodies and add this abstract moon wood sculpture into your living room. It can be mounted along other wall decors, or it could be placed on a top shelf. From recycled wood slices, create a huge crescent pattern. You may also add some other patterns such as stars or a figure of a child sitting on the crescent wood sculpture.

  • Floral Wood Wall Sculpture

Want to learn some sculpting skills and make some money from it? Create your first sculpture project and use floral wood wall patterns or designs. This could be sold for five hundred dollars or more. Get some wood panels and showcase different flower sculptures such as orchids. One of the best types of wood that can be utilized here is the Indonesian suar wood.


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